progress report! ...sort of. and a meme!

hey, so.. i'm not dead. :) my laptop is though. but luckily i was able to back up my fics before it went to the giant mac store in the sky. i did just start working though and it'll take me a few weeks to settle in and get comfortable enough with the schedule so that i can actually find time to write. right now my priorities are my assylum au and mad_nux's fic request! both are almost half done! 

but to show i'm not going anywhere and haven't given up writing, here's a meme i stole from yunho!

Give me a link to one of my fics, and I'll give you three details that didn't make it into the fic. Background canon, deleted scenes, or a look into the future. My choice, but if you have a specific question you can ask it in your request.

feel free to ask about more than one! there are so many things i've left out of fics that i wanted to write about. you'd be surprised. lol

[fic] the mechanics of kissing; key/everyone

the mechanics of kissing
key/everyone, ot5
romance, band!fic, PG-13
summary: Kibum could never be able to choose who he enjoys kissing more.

an: inspired by this post on tumblr. it made me want to write about shinee's unique kissing styles and of course i had to make key my whore for this experiment. i don't think he minds though. ;) to mad_nux, this_hyukjae , and panic18 don't worry! i didn't forget about your request. i'm just kind of on hiatus right now but i'll work on them as soon as possible! sorry for the wait!

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But no worries everyone. I'm sure I'll be back before you even realize I'm gone! I've been pretty stressed lately what with finding another job and dealing with my crazy family that I couldn't bring myself to write anything! I've been trying to force myself because I know people are waiting, but nothings coming to me. I just needed to put up this hiatus sign to get some of the pressure off. ;) Usually when I do this writing comes so much easier to me. So don't worry! Like I said, I'll be back before you know it! Wish me luck, guys!♥

[fic] once upon a one night stand; minho/key

once upon a one night stand
~6,700w, o_o
minho/key, slight jonghyun/onew
romance, drama, college!au, R
They met for the first time at a college frat party that neither had any business being at and that was only the beginning.

an: written for and requested by chocolatos! i'm really sorry it took so long, bb! the holidays were a busy time for me. but sorry if this thing is kind of crap and all over the place. for some reason i had so much trouble with this. there are literally like five different versions of this sitting on my laptop rotting. hopefully the length will make up for the fail. ;_;

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[fic] of gods and dogs; band!fic

of gods and dogs
(non-slash) changmin, yunho, jaejoong, pg-13
gen, drama, bandfic, angst
summary: It's been three days since Jaejoong's visit at the hospital and Changmin thought it was about time to let Yunho know about it.

an: this is the sequel to the way things are where changmin gets an unexpected visit from jaejoong at the hospital. it's a fic pertaining to the relationship between the members since the lawsuit had been filed. i apologize in advance to people who might find this offensive. sensitive subjects are talked about harshly so this could be upsetting. the main thing about this though is hope, so don't get the wrong idea!

note: yunho's views in this fic are not my own. he was inspired by some of the things i've seen fans say.

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[fic] the way things are; jaejoong/changmin

the way things are
jaejoong/changmin, pg
gen, drama, bandfic
summary: Changmin gets an unexpected visitor while he's in the hospital.

an: ugh, i promised myself that i would not write anything related to the lawsuit, but i did it anyway! it came to me in a dream and i just had to write it. it was partly inspired by this article where it was rumored changmin was in the hospital and junsu was trying to visit him. i changed it to jaejoong visiting instead because i feel they'd have more to say to each other. it's been awhile since i wrote anything this serious, so i apologize for the fail. T-T

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[fic] heroes (or other such atrocities);ot5

heroes (or other such atrocities)
ot5, slight jongkey, pg
gen, humor, bandfic
summary: In which shinee gains superpowers and all hell ensues in the dorms.

an: I wrote this in a few hours and didn't really go over it. I just really wanted to write a superpowered!shinee fic. i'm still working on the sequel to "i really hate you (but i love you) but i'm stuck with the ending, so here's this thing for the time being. I hope you enjoy!

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[fic] baby now (i know that you want me);yunho/junsu

baby now (i know that you want me)
yunho/junsu, NC-17
thriller, smut, stripper!au
summary: He knew he wanted him. He just didn't realize it yet.

written for and requested by prettyminstrel ! sorry it took so long, bb. i had so much trouble with the beginning of this i just wanted to punch something! lol i still don't really like the beginning, but i hope it's decent. enjoy! ;D

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[fic]i really hate you (but i love you);jonghyun/key

i really hate you (but i love you) aka: hate that i hate you
jonghyun/key, PG-13
romance, humor, hs!au
summary: Jonghyun hates Kibum. Kibum hates Jonghyun. It's as simple as that...or maybe not.

this is just a re-post of my last fic from my personal journal. nothing new, just wanted to post it here too. also this is my first shinee fic, btw. damn fun to write. expect more. ;)

( “Jinki-hyung,” Kibum whined like some sort of lazy, affectionate kitten and smiled sweetly at the older boy. Jonghyun almost threw up a little in his mouth. “Do you have a pencil I could borrow?” )

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