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[fic]i really hate you (but i love you);jonghyun/key

i really hate you (but i love you) aka: hate that i hate you
jonghyun/key, PG-13
romance, humor, hs!au
summary: Jonghyun hates Kibum. Kibum hates Jonghyun. It's as simple as that...or maybe not.

this is just a re-post of my last fic from my personal journal. nothing new, just wanted to post it here too. also this is my first shinee fic, btw. damn fun to write. expect more. ;)

( “Jinki-hyung,” Kibum whined like some sort of lazy, affectionate kitten and smiled sweetly at the older boy. Jonghyun almost threw up a little in his mouth. “Do you have a pencil I could borrow?” )
Tags: fandom:shinee, length:one-shot, pairing:jonghyun/key
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