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[fic] baby now (i know that you want me);yunho/junsu

baby now (i know that you want me)
yunho/junsu, NC-17
thriller, smut, stripper!au
summary: He knew he wanted him. He just didn't realize it yet.

written for and requested by prettyminstrel ! sorry it took so long, bb. i had so much trouble with the beginning of this i just wanted to punch something! lol i still don't really like the beginning, but i hope it's decent. enjoy! ;D

They call him Xiah. They call him the best. They say that if you’re ever lucky enough to see him up close you’d forget about everything else around you-- like there was nothing else in the world that mattered besides you and him. He was said to drive even the strongest man insane with want. He was the embodiment of seduction, temptation, desire. Everyone wanted him. But no one could have him.

Xiah was untouchable.

But Yunho actually knew better. They may call him Xiah, but only he knew what his given name was. His name was Junsu, Kim Junsu to be exact. He was 24 years old, born in Gyeonggi-ddo South Korea. He loved to sing, had the voice of an angel, actually. Yet he worked at club Mirotic as their star “attraction”. Attraction wasn’t even the right word to describe what Junsu was. He was that clubs everything. Without him, they would have nothing.

It was five minutes to eight and any moment now, Junsu would be leaving his apartment on the 2nd floor to head down to the club for his shift. He doesn’t go on until nine-thirty, but Junsu always goes there early to prepare. Yunho checked his watch; it was 8:01 when Junsu finally emerged from the building, blue duffle bag over his shoulder as he headed down the street. Yunho smiled, Junsu never changed and he loved that about him.

Waiting for Junsu to get a little farther ahead, Yunho followed him close behind. It was a little past 8:30 when he finally reached the club. Junsu’s was inside by now he would probably be changing into his wardrobe. He checked his watch again and made his way over to the entrance of the club. Changmin was working the door that night and he grinned as he walked by all the other men standing in line.

“Yunho, right on time as always,” the young man said with a smile.

“Of course,” Yunho replied with a smile of his own before patting the man on the shoulder a few times and heading in the entrance.

As always the club was dark, lights dimmed for atmosphere and Yunho made his way to the bar. He still had about a half an hour before Junsu went on. He could care less about the other dancers before him. Yoochun was bartending that night, but he practically bartends every night Junsu performs so it was nothing new.

“The usual?” Yoochun asked, not even lifting his head to look at the other man as he finished drying a shot glass. Yunho smiled.

“Please,” he said absently as he turned in his seat towards the stage. Hero was performing. He was pretty popular here too, not as much as Xiah, of course but he had his own following. Yunho turned back around as he heard the clink of his drink hitting the counter in front of him. He nodded to the other man behind the counter before grabbing his glass and taking his usual seat directly in front of the stage.

The club was chic and expensive, but it was insanely popular anyway. Yunho always made sure to get a good seat. As much money as he spent on this place, he deserved the best. He took a sip of his vodka and coke as the lights dimmed and the host introduced their “Star Attraction Xiah.” The club erupted with hoots and hollers and whistles of men and women alike. It was as if the whole atmosphere in the club changed. Everyone in it seemed to stop what they were doing and all focused on what was to come. The air was thick with anticipation and lust, and Yunho smiled as he leaned forward a bit to observe the dark stage.

The music began slowly; a pounding, rhythmic, hypnotizing beat filled the speakers as the spot light shone of a lone figure in the center of the stage. Yunho straightened in his seat. The man was dressed in all black. A leather vest opened low down his chest with nothing underneath and a pair of black pants that looked as if they were painted on those shapely legs. This was a new look. He usually wore this shimmer-y little gold number, but Yunho wasn’t complaining.

He leaned back in his seat and enjoyed the show. Everyone was right. Xiah was the best at what he does. He moves in a way that will leave you wanting more and more. It was almost unnatural the way he seemed to exude so much sexual appeal in every little movement he made. Yunho licked his drying lips as he removed the vest slowly, his glistening skin being exposed painfully slow as he tossed the garment on to the side of the stage.
He was on his knee’s now and in front of Yunho this time. His back arching as he runs his hands down his chest. He shifted in his seat. This was a new move as well. Yunho was sure he knew all the moves in Xiah’s arsenal, but this-- this was unbearable. The performance ended not long after that and Yunho sat stunned in his seat for a moment. Xiah was offstage, probably showering by now.

Something clicked in Yunho at that moment. He couldn’t bear just watching him any longer. He couldn’t sit through another one of those performances and not know what it felt like to run his hands down that body, to explore every inch of that skin, unravel him, open his up, see what makes “Xiah” tick. He had to have him. He had to have him tonight.

Xiah was not untouchable. Not for him. Not anymore.

He glanced at his watch and cursed silently. The other man would be leaving the club in about three minutes to head home. He’d stop at the market first, like he always does to usually to pick up some groceries. He hadn’t bought milk last week so he probably needs a new carton by now. Yunho leaves some cash on the table and heads out quickly.

Just as he had thought, Junsu had picked up a carton of milk at the local market about a block from his place and numerous other essentials. Yunho flowed him quietly behind. Close enough so that he wouldn’t loose sight, but far enough so that the other man wouldn’t notice. Junsu never noticed though. Yunho hadn’t really thought of how to approach him, but it didn’t really matter. It wouldn’t be hard. He saw the way Junsu had looked at him that night. ; full of lust and want. He wanted him just as much and Yunho did. He was sure of that. And if not, he would make sure he did.

He was able to reach Junsu’s place before the other did. He’d been watching over Junsu long enough to know all sorts of shortcuts to his place. He leaned against the cool brick wall beside the entrance of the apartment building and waited. He’d be here any moment, and Yunho subconsciously licked his lips as he looked down the dimly lit street until he saw the other man coming towards him. He shifted his stance and stood up straight from the wall when Junsu neared the doors. He hadn’t even looked up from adjusting his bags enough to open the door too even notice the other man’s presence yet.

Yunho smiled slightly as he watched the shorter man struggle for a moment before reaching over and pulling the doors open for him himself. Junsu had paused, startled as he looked up at the man holding the door for him and smiled. It was an easy, genuine smile that Yunho had seen hundreds of times before, but never directed at him. It left him a little breathless, a little speechless, and a little crazy.

“Oh, thank you,” Junsu muttered politely before pulling his duffle bag over his shoulder and moving inside the building without a second glance. It didn’t matter anyway. Yunho followed him in close behind. He watched the other’s back stiffen slightly as he realized Yunho’s presence following him in, but he didn’t turn around, didn’t say anything. Junsu had always been a little bit naïve for his age and it always left Yunho constantly worrying someone might try and take advantage of that. There were some crazy people in this city. He had to watch over him. It was for his own good, really.

But Yunho couldn’t keep his eyes off the way Junsu’s body moved up those stairs. The way his hips swayed with an unconscious rhythm, the way his jeans tightened around his thighs each ascending step he took. It was almost hypnotizing in a way. Then again, Junsu had always been a bit hypnotic. He paused when he reached the second floor and looked back at Yunho hesitantly for a moment.

“Are you… visiting someone in the building?” Junsu had asked, voice straining to remain casual.

Yunho blinked, feigning ignorance. “Something like that,” he said easily, flashing his most disarming smile and reveling in the way Junsu seemed to relax and smile back before continuing on his way down the hall. Yunho waited a moment for Junsu to continue on ahead before following.

The corridor was long, and Junsu’s apartment was a little ways near the end before the corner turned and leads down another hallway. Apartment number 24B was Junsu‘s apartment. Yunho slowed down a bit as Junsu reached his door and struggled to find his keys in the pocket of his duffle bag. Yunho casually moved on ahead without looking back before he heard a thunk and the other curse quietly. He turned back and watched as Junsu scrambled to collect his fallen groceries. Yunho smiled, this was proving to be easier than he once thought. He walked back to the other man and knelt down, helping him collect the fallen cans of Chef Boy RD and Skittles before placing them back in the grocery bag.

“Why don’t I help you with these?” Yunho smiled helpfully, holding up the fallen bag and reaching for the other one hanging precariously on Junsu’s fingers.

“Oh, um, no that’s okay. I can handle it as long as I… you know, get this whole thing situated first.” Junsu mumbled as he continued to struggle with organizing the bags neatly enough for him to move.

Yunho chuckled. “Really, it’s no problem.” He said as he took the remaining grocery bags from the other man’s arms without much fight.

“Thanks,” Junsu said gratefully as he dug back into his duffle bag and pulled out his keys. “I usually don’t buy so much stuff but I haven’t been able to go shopping lately so I was running low on supplies.”

“Understandable,” Yunho replied as Junsu unlocked the door and let them both inside.

“You can just put those bags on the counter.” Junsu said as he hung up his sweatshirt behind the door, leaving him in nothing but a tight black tank top. Yunho nodded silently and did as he was told and watched out the corner of his eyes as Junsu stretched his arms above his head and walked around the counter separating the living room from the kitchen.

“Thanks for your help. Can I… get you something to drink?” Junsu asked politely as he began to put away the perishable groceries.

“Water would be fine,” Yunho said casually as Junsu’s back turned to him as he reached for a glass from the top cabinet, his shirt ridding up a bit exposing a slip of honeyed skin. Yunho licked his lips and felt his pants tighten slightly. The other man filled up the glass with tap water and placed it on the counter in front of him.

“Thanks, Junsu.” Yunho said absently and took a sip to help his dry throat.

“No problem, it’s the least I can do after-- wait, when… when did I tell you my name?” Junsu asked uncertainly as he eyed the other man.

“Oh, sorry I-- I saw your name on the mail on the counter. I just assumed…” Yunho trailed off.

“Oh, I see,” Junsu chucked, relieved. “I thought I was going crazy there for a minute.”

So innocent, Yunho thought absently. “I apologize if I made you uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s okay. I was just surprised. There aren’t many people who call me by my real name anymore.” Junsu explained as he continued to put away groceries.

“Is that so?” Yunho said absently, taking another sip of his water as he watched the other man move about his small kitchen. Even doing the most menial of tasks, Junsu just seemed to ooze sex. It was getting rather uncomfortable to just watch him now.

“You look kind of familiar. You said you were visiting someone in the building, right? I must have seen you around here before.” Junsu said conversationally.

“It’s possible,” Yunho replied. “I’m in this area a lot. I like the clubs on this side of town.”

“Really? I… I work at a club a few blocks down the street.” Junsu said unsurely, as if he really didn’t want to reveal his occupation. “But it’s probably not the type of clubs you’re used to.”

Yunho watched the other man as he finished up the groceries and placed his glass to his lips. “And what would make you think that, Xiah?”

“I don’t know, I just-- wait a second. What… what did you just call me?” Junsu asked nervously. He looked startled, even more so than when he let his real name slip.

“Xiah?” Yunho replied innocently.

“H-How do you know that name?” Junsu asked, eyes widening as he took a cautious step back.

“You told me, didn’t you?”

“N-No. No I didn’t.” Junsu said quickly. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“You invited me in, Junsu. Don‘t you remember?” Yunho replied easily.

“I… I think you should leave now,” Junsu stammered as he backed up into the cool refrigerator door. Yunho closed his eyes and placed his half empty glass back down on the counter and moved towards the other man.

“W-what are you doing? I said you should leave.” Junsu said louder this time. He tried his best to look angry but Yunho could see the fear in his eyes.

“Don’t be scared, Junsu. I’m not going to hurt you. God, I could never hurt you.” Yunho said soothingly as he caressed the other man’s smooth cheek with his thumb. He felt Junsu stiffen at his touch and he frowned. The other man was frozen, clearly afraid, and no matter how much it turned him on, this isn’t how he wanted him.

“It’s okay. Just relax. Everything’s going to be fine, I promise.” Yunho reassured, his hands running up Junsu’s arm in a soothing manner.

“Please, what-- what do you want? Just leave…” Junsu said brokenly, eyes shut tight as Yunho pressed closer, his large hand sneaking just beneath the hem of his shirt. He shuddered involuntarily at the cool touch against his warm skin.

Yunho pressed closer, lips against the shell of Junsu’s ear. “I think you know by now what I want, Junsu.” He whispered lowly and reveled in the way Junsu shuddered against him.

“Don’t… Just, please. I don’t--”

“Shh, I said it’ll be okay. Just relax, Junsu. Or would you feel more comfortable if I called you Xiah?” He mumbled against the other’s pulse. Junsu tried to struggle away from his grip, but it was no use. “That’s what all those other desperate men call you, don’t they? That’s what you’re used to, isn‘t it? The way they scream out that name as they touch themselves at night at the thought of you. It disgusts me. They don’t even know you.” Yunho said as his hands slid further up Junsu’s shirt, his fingers tweaking the hardening nubs and Junsu whined, struggling to break free again.

“I know you, though. And I’d never do that,” Yunho continued. “I’d never sully your name by doing such disgusting things in your image. I know you, Junsu. They don’t. I’m the only one who can do this too you, and God-- you don’t know how long I’ve waited to touch you like this--”

“Please, just stop…”

“I can’t. Not anymore.” Yunho said as his fingers slowly skimmed down Junsu’s warm abdomen and to the button of his jeans. “I saw you tonight, you know. I see you every night you perform. I never miss it. But tonight… tonight you were amazing. You saw me too, didn’t you? I know you did. You looked right at me. I was right in front for you. You were asking for this. I could see it in your eyes.”

“No, I--”

“It’s okay. I’m here now. I can give you what you want.”

“I don’t-- ahh!” Junsu gasped as Yunho expertly unbuttoned Junsu’s jeans and palmed him roughly though his briefs. He shuddered again, struggling away but Yunho held him tightly between the refrigerator door and his body. He felt the other man growing harder beneath his touch and just that feeling along made his erection strain painfully against his own jeans. He trailed his lips down Junsu’s neck, sucking and kissing until he reached the collar bone peaking out from his twisted top and bit down. Junsu groaned and jerked, body arching against Yunho’s hand in his jeans.

“That’s right,” Yunho mumbled, his tongue lapping at the previously abused skin. “Enjoy it, Junsu. It’s all for you.”

Junsu whimpered as Yunho’s free hand slowly slipped back up his shirt, nails racking across his warm feverish skin. He was stroked to full hardness by this point, his erection straining against Yunho’s hand as he palmed him though his underwear. Junsu could do nothing more than to let it happen, his back arching off from the refrigerator as he came closer and closer to his release.

“Please, I-- I can’t…”

“Shh, I know, Junsu. I know. How about we move somewhere more comfortable, hm?” Yunho mumbled against his ear. Junsu shuddered again and before he could protest, Yunho had wrapped his legs around his waist and hoisted him away from the refrigerator and headed towards Junsu’s bedroom.

Yunho pushed open the door and dropped the panting man down on his back on the bed. He took a moment to just look at the other man, breathing heavy, face flushed, jeans undone and shirt ridding up to his chest. He was beautiful. He was everything. And he was finally his.

He crawled over the smaller man, unable to wait any long and pulled the rest of the shirt off without much fight. Yunho trailed his lips down his taught body, feeling the way his muscles contracted beneath his lips; the way he could feel his pounding heartbeat beneath his fingertips. It was addicting, his taste. And Yunho decided he could never have enough. He only pulled away momentarily to rid himself of his offending shirt and pants until he was in nothing but his boxers.

He pressed his warm body against the other’s and they both shuddered at the skin to skin contact. Yunho continued his ministrations down Junsu’s body while simultaneously ridding the other man of his jeans. As soon as the were gone, Yunho couldn’t help but run his hands up and down Junsu’s shapely thighs as the other whined and twisted beneath his body.

“You’re still so tense, Junsu.” Yunho whispered against the jut of his hip as he pulled the other’s briefs down slowly over his aching erection. “You’ll enjoy this. You’ll see. It’s what you’ve been wanting for a long time now. Trust me.”

“I--ah!” Junsu screamed as he arched his back gracefully as Yunho’s tongue darted out.

“Don’t worry,” Yunho said. “We won’t go all the way this time. I can wait until you’re ready. You can trust me.”

Junsu whimpered and twisted and clutched the sheets between his fingers as Yunho continued what he started, loving how sensitive the other man was to his touch. He rid himself of his own boxers finally, unable to hold himself back any longer and crawled his way back up Junsu’s body, their erections brushing together slightly at the movement. Junsu shuddered as Yunho buried his face between his neck and shoulder, inhaling deeply. Junsu’s sent was nothing if not utterly intoxicating. His hands moved down Junsu’s sides slowly until they reached those infamous hips in a hard grip.

The other whined as Yunho’s fingers dug painfully into the soft flesh in a way that was sure to leave bruises. He adjusted their hips until their erections were side by side, squished between their heaving stomachs. Yunho started first, rocking his hips against the others almost painfully slow. Junsu groaned, throwing his head back against the sheets at the friction between their bodies.

“Come on, Junsu,” Yunho said breathlessly against the heated skin of the other‘s neck. “Show me what those hips are really capable of.”

Junsu whimpered and arched his back again as Yunho grabbed his thigh and threw it around his waist, causing their erections to rub together in a way that was maddeningly arousing. Junsu could do nothing else but respond to the action. He tightened his thigh around the other’s waist and rocked his hips back against the Yunho’s in a way he knew drove men crazy.

Yunho groaned into his neck, moving his hips faster against the other’s sensually rolling hips. His grip tightened on Junsu’s waist as his other hand slowly caressed his thigh.

“I-- Oh, God…” Junsu moaned, tossing his head to the side as their hips began to pick up pace. The bed creaked loudly as the bed post slammed against the wall repeatedly at the sheer force of their grinding bodies. Neither men could hold back their moans as they rubbed against each other as if their lives depended on it.

“Shit, Junsu--” Yunho groaned into the other neck as the heat began to pool low in his stomach. He was close. He was so damn close he could taste it.  “Ah, yes… Just like that Junsu… don’t-- Oh….”

The way Junsu’s back arched higher off the bed, the way his hips moved frantically in a way that was sure to get him off… he could tell he was close too.

“Ah! Oh, God--”

“That‘s right, Junsu. You wanted this. Look at you. You wanted this so bad.”

“Ahh, Yunho!“ Junsu moaned loudly, his back arching high off the bed as his seed released hard and fast between their already warm bodies and Yunho wasn’t far behind. He rocked his hips against the other’s a few more times, riding out his release before collapsing on top of the other man’s chest. They stayed that way for what felt like hours. Both breathing hard; bodies damp with sweat and sex as they lay placated against each other.

Yunho was almost delirious from his post orgasmic high. Junsu was everything he had hoped for and so much more. He had waited for this night for too long, and now that he had him he couldn’t let go. He didn’t plan to. Junsu’s breathing began to even out and Yunho looked up at him, his eyes hazy and clouded and face still flushed. He was still so beautiful, even like this.

Yunho pushed himself up until he was eyelevel with the other man. Junsu looked dazed, his eyes focusing on nothing in particular. Yunho smiled, caressing the other man’s damp cheek soothingly.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this. You were amazing, Junsu. Better than any stories I’ve ever heard.” Yunho said.

Junsu’s eyes seemed to rove around the room for a moment before looking back at Yunho. Eyes now clear and sparkling with mirth as a smile slowly curled at his lips. It was a different sort of smile. Not the genuine, bright ones he’d seen hundreds of times before, no. This one was different. It was… mischievous, almost wicked.

And then something clicked.

“Wait, I… I never told you my name.”


an: i just-- i don't even. i apologize for this nonsense. it's just so not... cohesive. it bugs the living crap out of me! and i'm sorry for the vague, ominous ending. i meant to imply that junsu wasn't as naive and innocent as yunho thought. do with that what you will. idk anymore lol. i do kind of like the part where they both finally reach junsu's place, but everything before that makes me want to stab this fic in the nonexistent face. :| but i hope it was what you asked for though prettyminstrel!

locked to the comm in 48hrs! comments are LOVED!

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