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[fic] once upon a one night stand; minho/key

once upon a one night stand
~6,700w, o_o
minho/key, slight jonghyun/onew
romance, drama, college!au, R
They met for the first time at a college frat party that neither had any business being at and that was only the beginning.

an: written for and requested by chocolatos! i'm really sorry it took so long, bb! the holidays were a busy time for me. but sorry if this thing is kind of crap and all over the place. for some reason i had so much trouble with this. there are literally like five different versions of this sitting on my laptop rotting. hopefully the length will make up for the fail. ;_;

They met for the first time at a college frat party that neither had any business being at. Minho was only dragged there because his insane roommate had a crush on one of the seniors named Jinki and Minho was his only way in because he just happened to be on the same soccer team with a few of the boys. Minho wasn’t one for parties-- let alone frat parties-- but he agreed because if he didn’t Jonghyun would bitch and moan about it for the next week and Minho really didn’t want to deal with that.

The party was in full swing by the time they reached the scene and Minho could already tell it was going to get out of hand. The frat house was crowded and swimming with bodies and the music blasted from the loud speakers at an insane volume. As soon as they stepped through the doors beer bottles were shoved in their hands from an unknown source and they were ushered through the crowed of swaying, drunken bodies.

Minho played friendly with a few of the people he recognized who drunkenly draped themselves over his shoulders as if they’ve been best friends forever. He barely even knew half these people, and the people he did know were little more than acquaintances who thought themselves closer than Minho actually considered them to be. In fact, the only person on campus Minho did consider himself close to was his roommate who, speaking of which, ditched him about an hour after they arrived.

The party wasn’t all that bad, Minho would admit; especially considering he got an endless supply of free drinks and snacks. But it really wasn’t his scene. He’d much rather be lounging lazily at his dorm than playing nice with drunken frat boys and loose sorority girls who’ve been giving him the eye. Minho just sat back and watched as everyone drank, danced and fraternized as he just leaned against one of the walls with his third beer in hand.

He noticed another one of the sorority girls giving him the eye and sneakily making her way over. She was pretty, Minho thought. With long, dark hair in loose curls that cascaded over her thin shoulders and tight red tank top. She had large, pretty brown eyes and a sweet smile, and Minho would have gone to talk to her if it wasn’t so obvious she was already drunk-- not that he was any better. But he just didn’t feel like chatting it up with some girl who was equally drunk, if not more, who only wanted to get laid.

With another gulp of his beer he maneuvered his way through the crowed and to the kitchen area where it was significantly less crowded. Only about a doze or so people lingered around there chatting it up, taking shots, or helping themselves to the buffet table. Minho leaned against one of the counters and looked back out at the dance floor. He scanned the crowed for the girl who was approaching him earlier and luckily it seemed he had lost her.

His hazy mind began to wander and he briefly wondered where his blond haired roommate was and if he finally managed to score with that Jinki guy yet. He barely even registered when another body leaned against the counter beside him.

“God, I fucking hate these things,” the stranger said. It sounded like it was more to himself than to Minho, but it was loud enough for him to hear over the music anyway. He glanced over at the young man beside him; elbows supporting his body weight on the counter behind him, beer bottle hanging loosely in his right hand, and legs crossed lazily at the ankles. He looked different than the rest of the people at the party, Minho noted. He was dressed in a pair of ridiculously tight black jeans with an over size red shirt that hung off one shoulder exposing his creamy, pale collar bone and long neck. It was quite different than the polo shirts and sweater vests of most of the other men here.

“Why are you here then?” Minho asked, referring to the others previous statement. The young man looked up at him and Minho noted his pretty catlike eyes lined lightly in kohl. Now that wasn’t something you’d see on a man everyday.

The man shrugged and looked back out at the dance floor. “Because I wasn’t invited and I like to cause trouble,” he said easily.

“What kind of trouble?” Minho asked, taking another gulp of his beer and eyeing the other man curiously.

“Most of the people here can’t stand me,” the young man said and licked his lips. “I was hoping they’d cause a scene when they saw me crashing but so far they’re all too shit faced to have noticed me yet. It’s kind of a let down, really.”

“Sorry to heat that,” Minho said as he turned back to the dance floor and the throng of swaying bodies. He felt the other man’s eyes on him for a moment and he shifted almost nervously under those scrutinizing eyes but refused to give in and look back.

“You’re not one of the meat head frat boys, are you?” The young man asked suspiciously.

“No,” Minho said. “My roommate’s trying to bang one though.”

The man chuckled quietly before turning back to the dance floor. Minho didn’t really mean to let the whole thing slip about his roommate because he knew how most people viewed that. But the man beside him didn’t seem like the type of person to judge that sort of thing anyway.

“Wait, your roommate wouldn’t happen to be Kim Jonghyun, would it?” The other asked suddenly.

Minho turned to him. “He would,” he said. “Why? Do you know him?”

They young man chuckled again and looked away scratching the back of his head. “Yeah, we go way back, actually.”

Minho nodded wordlessly but didn’t say anymore.

“So you must be Minho then, huh?” The man continued, now fully turned to face him with his hip resting against the counter. Minho could feel the other’s catlike eyes scanning over his body and it made him shift uncomfortably under the scrutinizing gaze. “You’re taller than I thought. Jonghyun must hate that.”

Minho scoffed and took another swig of his beer. It was starting to taste luke warm and a little like spit. “S’not my fault he’s a midget,” he slurred.

The other man laughed loudly, a tinkling little laugh that had him doubling over and grabbing onto Minho’s arm and onto his shoulder in a way that was kind of endearing to his alcohol hazed mind. He wondered if that was a normal habit of his, or just a drunken one. Either way Minho noticed the other had a really pretty smile and pretty little hands too.

“Oh, that’s a good one,” the man said between chuckles as he righted himself. “I’m Kibum by the way.”

“Minho,” Minho replied. “But I guess you already knew that.”

“Hmm,” Kibum hummed and took another sip of his beer. “So are you and Jonghyun close?”

Minho shrugged, “I guess you can say that. I’m actually closer to him than I am to half the people at this party even though he’s an annoying little twat who only used me to get him in.”

“Yeah, that sounds like him,” Kibum chuckled. “But honestly, you don’t seem like the type of person who would be close to someone like us.”

“Us?” Minho asked curiously and faced the other man.

“Gay,” Kibum clarified rather bluntly.

Minho shrugged. “It’s none of my business who he chooses to sleep with. You know, as long as he doesn’t bring anyone back to our room. Then I’d kick his ass.”

Another chuckle.

“Wait, so you’re gay?” Minho asked. He blamed his loose tongue on that fact that he had a lot to drink, but the other man didn’t seem all too offended by the inquiry.

“Can’t you tell?” The other replied rather seductively. He took a step closer to Minho with a smile that could only be labeled as flirtatious as he ran a finger up the side of his arm teasingly. Minho would have been embarrassed if he wasn’t already tipsy and it wasn’t so obvious the other boy was just trying to tease him.

“I was just confirming,” Minho grinned and Kibum grinned back and took another step closer.

“Minho-yah!” A feminine voice called out, breaking the two from their little moment. They both glanced over to see a pretty young woman with long brown hair and a tight black miniskirt making her way over. Minho recognized her as one of the girls from his AP Biology class. Now what was her name again? Yeonhee? That sounded right.

“Hey,” Minho greeted with a small smile as the girl saddled up to him.

“Minho-yah~ why didn’t you tell me you were coming? We could have met up!” The girl asked in that annoying voice she used when she was trying to sound cute. It mostly just sounded like she was whining.

“Sorry,” Minho said, feigning sympathy. “It was a last minute decision.”

“Oh,” she pouted and looked over to Kibum who watched the whole exchange with mild interest. He was still standing rather close to him with his arm resting on the counter behind Minho’s back.

“What are you doing here?” Yeonhee practically sneered. Minho raised an eyebrow and Kibum just smiled cheekily, seeming to enjoy the other girl’s attitude.

“Oh, you know. Just hanging around, having a few drinks.” Kibum grinned.

Yeonhee narrowed her eyes. “I’m pretty sure no one invited you,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure I don’t give a damn,” Kibum replied. “But it doesn’t matter. I’m leaving anyway. This party is lame.”

“You’re leaving?” Minho asked, straightening up from the counter to face him.

“Yeah,” Kibum replied taking one last sip from his beer before placing it on the table beside him. “I’ve had enough excitement for the night. I’ll see you around. Say hi to Jonghyun for me.”

Minho nodded wordlessly as the other man left and easily maneuvered his way through the swaying bodies on the dance floor as if it was nothing. He leaned back against the counter as soon as the other man was out of sight and noticed Yeonhee was still there staring at him.

“You’re not friends with that guy, are you?” Yeonhee asked suspiciously.

“I just met him for the first time tonight.” Minho clarified even though he had no reason to. Yeonhee seemed to visibly relax at that and sent him a sweet smile.

“That’s good then. You don’t want to get too close to someone like him. It’s bad enough you have to room with that Jonghyun guy.”

Minho glared at the way she spit out his roommate’s name, but the oblivious girl didn’t seem to notice. “Well anyway, do you want to dance?” She asked with a smile.

Minho shook his head. “Actually, I think I’m going to head back too. I’ll see you around.” He said quickly and turned to walk away before the other girl had a chance to protest. He was hoping he’d still be able to catch up with Kibum. He made his way through the crowed and waved a quick goodbye to a few of people who called out to him as he headed out the exit.

There seemed to be as much people hanging around outside the frat house than there were inside. The front yard was littered in beer bottles and candy wrappers and Minho briefly felt sorry for the poor souls who had to clean this up in the morning. The thought didn’t last long enough when he heard a shout coming from somewhere across the yard. Minho turned his attention over to a crowed of five or six men crowding what seemed to be a girl a first glance. Minho squinted and noticed the short hair and catlike eyes and his own eyes widened when he realized it was Kibum.

He watched as the other men slowly began to crowd him; circling him like some vultures circling their prey. Minho couldn’t hear what was being said, but he could tell they weren’t just exchanging pleasantries by the sneers on their faces. Kibum on the other hand looked completely bored with the whole situation. His hands were shoved in his pockets with his shoulders slightly slouched. His bored expression seemed to do nothing but anger the other men though as one of them scowled and grabbed Kibum by the collar bringing them face to face.

“Hey!” Minho called out when the taller man began to shake Kibum rather violently. The man who had Kibum’s collar in a choke hold loosened his grip when he saw Minho approach but didn’t release him. He vaguely recognized him as Jinwoo from his soccer team.

“Oh, it’s you Choi,” Jinwoo said absently and turned back to glaring at Kibum. “We’re just making sure this bitch knows his place.”

“Go fuck yourself,” Kibum spat.

“What did you just say to me you little--”

“Stop it,” Minho cut in, grabbing the other’s wrist in a tight grip before it could do any damage to Kibum’s face.

“What the hell are you doing, Choi?“ Jinwoo shouted as he attempted to shake his arm free from Minho’s grasp. “Are you seriously standing up for this little faggo--”

Watch it,” Minho threatened, menace lacing his words like arsenic. Jinwoo scowled and shook himself free from Minho’s grasp and released his choke hold on Kibum’s shirt. Minho watched as Kibum took a step back and straightened his collar before narrowing his eyes at the both of them but said nothing.

“You’ve got to stop hanging out with these people, Choi,” Jinwoo said as he shook out his aching wrist. “People will start to talk.”

Minho narrowed his eyes. “Let them talk,” he said. “I’d rather hang out with people like him than scum like you.”

“Tch,“ Jinwoo rolled his eyes. “Have it your way, then. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He said as he turned on his heel and made his way back toward the frat house, his posse following obediently behind. Minho watched them go for a moment before turning back around only to notice Kibum had already left. He looked around and saw Kibum heading out the gate and down the street and Minho ran to catch up with him.

“Hey! Where are you going?” he called as he finally reached the other boys side. Kibum didn’t even spare him a glance.

“Home,” he said plainly.

“Well aren’t you going to thank me?” Minho asked, trying to keep up with the other’s quick pace.

“I didn’t ask for your help,” Kibum said tersely as he quickened his steps and shoved his hands in his pockets. Minho wasn’t about to let him go that easily.

“You didn’t have to ask. I offered,” Minho explained.

Kibum stopped walking abruptly, almost causing Minho to bump into him. “Look, I’m not some damsel in distress who needs you to come to my rescue.” Kibum said brashly. “I can handle myself.”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t,” Minho said. “But I wasn’t just going to stand by and watch you get harassed by a bunch of idiots. I would have done something whether you wanted me to or not. It’s just how I am.”

Kibum’s eyes softened from their narrow slits and he averted his gaze to the ground almost bashfully and bit his lip. It was kind of cute. “Well I’m not going to throw myself at you and call you my hero or anything if that’s what you’re expecting.”

“No,” Minho said. “A little appreciation would be nice though.”

Kibum scoffed but grinned back up at him anyway. “How about I just let you walk me back to my dorm to acquiesce your egotistical need to concur and protect.”

Minho chuckled and shoved his hands in his pockets. “I’m honored, really.”

His full name was Kim Kibum, Minho found out. But everyone called him Key. He preferred that Minho call him by his real name though and he didn‘t mind. He was a junior and an art major and sometimes liked to make his own clothes. He’s known Jonghyun since middle school and they even dated briefly in high school but broke up because it ended up feeling rather “incestuous” as he put it. Kibum was talkative, outgoing, brash and maybe a little crazy. He was a lot like Jonghyun actually; only slightly less annoying and the exact opposite of himself.

“So you really do like to cause trouble, huh?” Minho questioned about twenty minutes into his walk. He had no idea where Kibum lived or how far they were from his dorm, but right now that was the last thing on his mind.

“It’s not like I enjoy it, really,” Kibum explained. “I just like to rile people up over silly things.”

“Like Jinwoo?” Minho asked. “He looks like he kind of hates your guts.”

“He’s just sexually frustrated,” Kibum said airily. “I tend to do that to people.”

It didn’t sound like a cocky statement. It was more like he was stating a fact and Minho would kind of have to agree about that being possible. Kibum had an air of femininity about him and the way he carried himself. And mixed with his pretty looks and unconsciously seductive habits he wouldn’t be surprised if he did manage to sexually frustrate a man or two.

“Well this is me,” Kibum said suddenly as he stopped in front of a building. Minho looked up and realized they were on the complete opposite side of campus from his own dorm.

“Oh, well that felt like it took forever and a day,” Minho noted.

Kibum smiled, “Well, we were walking rather slowly and I may or may not have decided to take us the long way around.”

“Gee, thanks. Now I have to walk all the way across campus at two am,” Minho grumbled.

“Don’t try to guilt me,” Kibum grinned. “You know you had fun.”

“I suppose you’re not completely unbearable,” Minho grinned back. “But I should probably start heading back now. It’ll already take twenty minutes if I jog.”

Kibum rolled his eyes and then looked down at the ground and shifted his weight from foot to foot in a nervous gesture. “Look,“ Kibum suddenly said, still staring down at his feet. “Don’t get the wrong idea or anything. But I guess you can uh… spend the night here… if you want. You know… so you don’t have to walk all the way back to your dorm. It’s up to you. I don’t really care.”

Minho smiled slightly at the other boy’s nervous offer. It was yet another trait Minho found oddly endearing about the other boy. The way he smiled and laughed, the way he rolled his eyes, the way playfully hit him in the chest; it was all very endearing to him. But now he couldn’t blame this odd attraction on the amount of alcohol he consumed since the night air significantly sobered them both.

“Well?” Kibum called out. He had his hands shoved in the back pockets of his jeans as he stared at Minho curiously with a hint of annoyance marring his features.

Minho scratched the back of his head and contemplated the consequences of taking the other boy up on his offer. On one hand, he wouldn’t have to walk all the way back across campus at 2am. But on the other hand he was a little nervous about spending a night alone with someone like Kibum. It’s not like he had anything wrong with it. He’s been sharing a room with Jonghyun for what felt like forever. But he wasn’t strangely… attracted to Jonghyun like he was to Kibum at the moment. It wasn’t Kibum he couldn’t trust. It was himself.

“Uh, thanks for the offer, but I should probably head back,” Minho finally admitted. He wanted to say something like he had too much to drink or he didn’t want to intrude, but he didn’t feel right lying to him.

Kibum shrugged and looked away. “Suit yourself,” he said. Minho would have liked to think he just imagined the disappointment in the other boy’s voice, but he couldn’t. It was obvious whether Kibum wanted him to hear it or not. He was refusing to look Minho in the eyes lest he reveal his true feelings and just like that, Minho’s resolve was broken.

“Actually,” Minho began shakily and Kibum looked up at him curiously. “I think I will take you up on that offer… It is getting kind of late.”

If there was one thing Minho was always sure of, it was himself. He was never one for second guessing his decisions and when he had a belief, he stayed true to it. There was little anyone could do to sway him from his ideals. He was hardheaded to say the least. And he made it a point to always stay true to himself no matter what. He was a man after all.

But right now, he didn’t know what he was doing. He wasn’t sure if this was a good idea but he couldn’t help himself anyway. Kibum was just so pliant under his hands. The way he arched into his touch; back curving elegantly as he ran his calloused hands over the smooth expanse of skin under the fabric of his shirt. Minho had never felt so possessive before-- so raw and desperate to map out every plane of Kibum’s body with his hands and it was frightening.

In the back of his mind he knew he had no idea what he was doing. He didn’t know what this would lead to or how far this would go or the consequences that would occur if it continued. But he couldn’t stop. Not when Kibum had his head buried in the crook of his neck as he panted and nipped against Minho’s pulse gently. It was driving him mad and they had barely even left the threshold of Kibum’s door. A tight jean clad leg was hooked around Minho’s waist and it was impossible not to run his hands up those shapely thighs to give that pert ass a squeeze. Kibum gasped and shuddered against him and Minho wasn’t sure if the fact that Kibum had a single room was a blessing or a curse.

“Bed,” Kibum panted. “Now.”

Minho didn’t spare a moment before he hoisted Kibum up by the thighs, legs locking around his waist as he walked them backwards toward the bed. When he felt the back of his knees hit the mattress he turned them around and dropped the other boy unceremoniously on the bed before following suit. Kibum left out a small puff of air as Minho fell against him. But it seemed his previous discomfort was short lived as Kibum carded his fingers through his hair and brought their mouths crushing together.

Kibum’s lips were soft and smooth like warm silk against his lips and Minho’s mind was reeling at the way their mouths glided together so perfectly. Their hips were aligned and pressing against each other tightly and when Minho’s tongue peeked out to run along the seam of Kibum’s bottom lip, the other gasped and started to rock against him slowly. Minho shuddered at the slow roll of Kibum’s hips against his arousal and he rocked back steadily as his lips trailed down the smooth column of the smaller boy’s throat.

Minho was so far gone that he barely even registered Kibum’s fingers trailing down his chest and over his abs until the button of his jeans popped open and he heard the slow slide of his zipper going down. Minho felt his heart stutter in his chest and he froze, grabbling Kibum’s thin wrist in a vice like grip before it could go any further. The tips of his fingers were already brushing against his hardening length and he had to fight off every urge to shove that hand down his pants and rock against it like some hormonal teenage boy.

Kibum was looking up at him questioningly now. His brows were furrowed together in annoyance and mouth curved down in a small frown. He was panting quietly; face flushed and swollen lips slightly parted. His hair was splayed out against the pillow and falling into those narrow, catlike eyes and he looked beautiful like this. He looked so wrecked and wanton and Minho just wanted to lean down and ravish him again but--

“I-- I don’t know what I’m doing,” he admitted quietly. Now that the initial animalistic lust that clouded his mind had cleared and the reality of the situation finally dawned on him he felt nervous and a little bit embarrassed. He hardly even knew Kibum for more than two hours but he couldn’t remember the last time he felt this turned on. But it was the first time he felt this turned on by another man and he didn’t know what to do.

Kibum exhaled quietly and Minho felt the puff of air against his temple as Kibum’s long, delicate fingers curled around his neck gently. Minho sighed and leaned into the touch and Kibum placed a kiss on his temple.

“Don’t think about it,” he breathed into Minho‘s ear. “Just let me handle it.”

And before Minho had a chance to register those words, he was on his back, Kibum straddling his waist.

The morning after wasn’t something Minho was thinking about last night. In fact, that was the last thing on his mind. He was too preoccupied with the way Kibum’s lips felt against his chest, or the way his skin felt under the palms of his hands or how his gasps and moans reverberated through his mind like a melody. He could feel the tell tale signs of their activities in every muscle in his body and it wasn’t a bad ache per se. But it was a reminder that he’d done something he never thought he’d do.

Sunlight was streaming through the curtains of Kibum’s single room and it was the first time Minho had a chance to look around. It was slightly smaller than the room him and Jonghyun shared, but it was a nice size. The walls were off white and covered in posters of various artist and celebrities. There was an art easel in the corner of the room and a small purple loveseat against the other side of the wall. There seemed to be no theme to the décor, but it all just looked very Kibum anyway.

Minho finally chanced a glance at the young man beside him and noticed he was still sound asleep. He was on his side and facing Minho with a hand tucked under his pillow while the other curled up in front of his mouth, breathing quietly. He looked so relaxed like this-- so innocent. It was so much different than how Minho remembered him last night. His face looked so soft and relaxed, like he hadn’t a care in the world.

Minho’s eyes wondered over the contours of his body; eyes roving over the smooth slope of his bare shoulder and down the curve of his waist to the arch of his hip barely covered by the rumpled cotton sheets. Minho wanted so bad to feel the how the delicate curve of that waist would feel under his arm if he were to pull him close. Would Kibum stay asleep? Would he curl into his warmth and tuck his head under his chin? Minho didn’t have the courage to find out. He was still so confused with his feelings that he didn’t know what to do. He had just slept with another man and it was fantastic but, he didn’t know what this meant and he wasn’t sure if he was ready to figure it out yet.

So Minho did the only thing he could think of at the moment, he left. He slowly crept his way out from under the sheets and instantly shivered at the warmth he left behind. Kibum was still sound asleep as Minho gathered his clothes and got dressed a quietly as he could. The other man only shifted briefly as Minho opened the door and slipped out quietly.

The trek back across campus took longer than it should have, Minho thought. Or at least it felt like it did. Most people would have called this the walk of shame. But it wasn’t shame Minho felt. It was confusion. He didn’t exactly regret what happened between him and Kibum last night, but he wasn’t exactly comfortable with it either. Less than twenty four hours ago he still considered himself a straight man and now he didn’t know what to think.

After what felt like hours, he finally reached his dorm and pushed open the door. Jonghyun was there, standing in front of their full length mirror and flipping his hair out of his face about a dozen times before combing it back with his fingers. It was an annoying habit of his roommate that he had yet to understand. Jonghyun would stand there for an hour flicking his hair and combing it back until it looked exactly the same as it did since before the first hair flick. Sometime Minho just wanted to shave off all of Jonghyun’s hair while he was sleeping.

Sighing, Minho closed the door behind, kicked off his shoes and plopped face first down on his mattress with a muffled thump.

“Looks like someone got lucky last night,” Jonghyun singsonged teasingly. Minho chose not to grace that with a response and ignored him in favor of breathing into his pillow. Unfortunately, Jonghyun would have none of that and brought it upon himself to rid Minho of his unresponsiveness by pouncing on him like cat and poking his sides.

“Ugh, god you little elf. Shouldn’t you be off in a tree baking cookies?” Minho grumbled into his pillow irritably.

“Haha,” Jonghyun said dryly, still poking Minho in the side. “What’s wrong? Rough night?”

Minho shifted and turned his head to the side. “I guess you could say that,” he sighed.

Jonghyun poked him in the cheek. “Tell me about it?”

“I’d rather not,” Minho said, batting Jonghyun’s hand away.

“That bad, huh?”


“That… good?” Jonghyun questioned.

Minho sighed and shifted again under his roommate’s weight. “Look, Jonghyun. I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

“Oh, come on,” Jonghyun whined. “Do I at least know her?”

Minho blinked a few times and swallowed the lump in his throat. “Yes and no,” he said.

Jonghyun raised a questioning brow. “How is it ‘yes and no’? I either know her or I don’t.”

“You know… them,” Minho explained uncertainly and shut his eyes. He was hoping Jonghyun would have one of his dense moments and not pick up on what he just implied or think he had an orgy or something. But there was no such luck for Choi Minho.

“You… slept with a man?!” Jonghyun practically screeched in his ear before sitting up and bouncing on his hunches excitedly. “I’m so fucking happy for you!!!”

Minho groaned and rolled over onto his back. “This isn’t a joke, Jonghyun.”

His roommate finally seemed to sense the other’s distress and stopped bouncing long enough to pat Minho consolingly on the thigh. “Oh, come on. We’re in college,” Jonghyun stressed. “Everyone experiments in college. It’s really not that serious. Now tell me who it was. You said I knew him.”

Minho sighed. “Quite well, actually…”

“Well?” Jonghyun urged.

Minho squeezed his eyes shut. “Kim Kibum,” he breathed out quietly.

The silence was almost defining after that. Minho refused to open his eyes and look at his roommate’s face. Jonghyun had gone completely still and if Minho didn’t know any better he would have thought the other had left. He could hear his heart pounding in his chest as he waited for Jonghyun’s response. It felt like hours had passed until the other said anything.

“You… slept with Kibum last night.” It wasn’t a question and Minho couldn’t tell if he was mad or not by the tone of his voice, but he nodded anyway.

“You… slept with Kibum last night… and left him this morning?”

Another nod.

“You… just left Kibum alone in bed?”

Yes, Jonghyun,” Minho stressed, annoyed.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” Jonghyun shouted and punched Minho in the stomach. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, but enough to knock the wind out of him and have him doubling over. Jonghyun didn’t relent with his hitting as he continued to assault Minho’s back as he tried to catch his breath.

“How dare you sleep with my best friend and just leave him like that!” Jonghyun continued to shout. “He’s not going to be just another fucking notch on your headboard, you got that?! Don’t you dare mistake him for one of those skanks you pick up at a party! I should rip your balls off right now!”

“That’s not what I think!” Minho tried to reason as he shifted away from Jonghyun’s fists. “I didn’t know what else to do! I mean, I just slept with another man, Jonghyun! I was confused!”

Jonghyun finally ceased his assault on Minho’s back and sat back against the bed with a huff. There was a long silence in which Minho refused to turn around and face the other man. Jonghyun was no longer hitting him, but he wasn’t saying anything either and that alone was frightening. Minho rubbed his sore back and sighed quietly.

“Do you like him?” Jonghyun suddenly asked.

Minho froze. “What?”

“Do you like him?” he repeated.

Minho’s mind wondered back to last night. They wouldn’t have gone as far as they did if Minho didn’t already sort of like him. He liked Kibum’s laugh, the way he smiled, the way he carried himself. He was funny and cute and interesting. It was impossible not to be drawn to him.

“I… think I do,” he finally admitted. He felt Jonghyun shift on the mattress behind him.

“Well then you better get your ass back there and apologize for sneaking out like a little bitch,” Jonghyun said. “Kibum may appear confident and unaffected but he’s actually really self-conscious.”

Minho hunched his shoulders. He’s never felt so much like an asshole before in his entire life. Jonghyun kicked him in the back with a sock clad foot.

“Well, get going!” he shouted and pushed Minho off the bed.

He didn’t say anymore as he stood from the bed and headed towards the door, feeling rather like a scolded child. He was nervous about seeing Kibum again, but he had to make this right.

“Hey,” Jonghyun suddenly called as Minho stepped out the door and looked back. “If you break his heart I really will rip your balls off,” He grinned easily and Minho shuddered. Jonghyun could be really fucking scary sometimes.

The trek back to Kibum’s dorm felt like it took just as long as it did back to his own. His mind was racing with so many thoughts. He tried to think of what he would say when he was finally face to face with the other man again. But his mind was still drawing a blank even as he approached Kibum’s front door. He hesitated before knocking. Would Kibum even want to see him? Would he be upset? Minho’s heart was pounding as he lifted his fist and rapped gently on the door.

Shuffling could be heard from the other side and after a couple of moments the door finally slid open. Kibum stood there, eyes slightly widened and hair damp from the shower Minho assumed he just look. He looked gorgeous like this, all dressed down and natural and Minho wondered how he even considered leaving him alone this morning. Kibum licked his lips and looked at him curiously.

“Did you forget something,” he asked rather coldly. Minho winced slightly at his tone and felt like an even bigger jerk if that was possible.

“No,” he said, shifting his weight nervously to the other foot. “Can I come in?”

Kibum looked at him for a moment; surprise clearly written across his face at the sudden request and he bit his lip and averted his eyes. Minho could tell this was one of those little moments of insecurity Jonghyun had mentioned, but Kibum said nothing as he stepped to the side and let Minho pass anyway.

The room looked exactly like it did when Minho left earlier that morning. The bed was still rumpled from their activities last night and he fought back the blush that was slowly creeping up on his neck. It didn’t help that he still felt a little sore and hadn’t been able to shower yet.

Kibum hadn’t said anything since he let Minho in. He just stood there, leaning against the door as he stared down at his bare feet almost nervously. The air was thick with tension and Minho turned to him with hands shoved in his pockets. Now that he was here face to face with the other boy again, he felt tongue tied. He knew he should probably apologize or try to explain what happened but he could seem to form the right words. Luckily Kibum made the decision to speak for him.

“Look,” Kibum suddenly said, straightening himself from the door. “You don’t have to say anything. I understand.”

“What?” Minho asked, taking a step closer.

“I won’t tell anyone,” Kibum said seriously. He still refused to look Minho in the eyes as spoke. “We can pretend last night never happened. I don’t care. It’s not like I expected anything… I won’t say anything if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Minho shook his head as Kibum’s words processed in his mind. “Kibum, I-- You have the wrong idea. That’s not--”

“It’s fine,” Kibum interrupted and finally looked up at Minho, his eyes fierce and determined to hide his feelings. “Last night meant nothing and I won’t say anything so you can leave…”

“Kibum, that’s not why I’m here,” Minho said as he took another step closer. Kibum had gone back to staring at his feet and looked up at him wide-eyed as Minho grabbed his wrist gently. “I came back to apologize for leaving you this morning. I… I was confused and I didn’t know how to handle this… situation. So I just left. I didn’t even think about your feelings and I’m sorry. I know I probably should have stayed and talked to you about it, but I was just a chicken. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Kibum was staring up at him now, frowning slightly. His eyes were shifting back and forth between Minho’s as if he was trying to read something in his eyes. He looked so unsure and confused and Minho could tell he hated that.

“So… what does that mean?” Kibum finally asked hesitantly.

Minho sighed and ran his thumb over the smooth skin of Kibum‘s wrist. “It means that I’m confused and scared and nervous as shit,” Minho began. “But I… I know we just met and I have no idea what the hell I’m doing but I do know that I… I like you and I want you to know that.”

Kibum was staring down at their joined hands now as he gnawed on his lower lip nervously. “Are you sure?” he asked quietly.

Minho took another step closed and brushed the bangs out of Kibum’s face. “I’m pretty sure after last night,” he grinned. Kibum looked up at him and grinned back as Minho thumb ran over the apple of his cheek before leaning down and pressing their lips together. It was a quick, gentle kiss and Minho almost felt like his knees would give out on him when Kibum stepped closer to deepen it. When they finally pulled apart, Kibum was grinning again. It was the same sly and cocky grin he saw last night as he carded his fingers though his hair.

“So I turned you gay after one night, huh?” he smirked.

“It would seem that way,” Minho smiled. “Besides, Jonghyun threatened to castrate me if I broke your heart.”

Kibum chuckled and dropped his head down on Minho’s shoulder. “That sounds like him,” he grinned.


an: once again, sorry for the wait chocolatos ! and i apologize for majorly cockblocking everyone with the skipped smut scene. it was just getting too long. o_o is anyone interested in me posting the nc-17 deleted scene? if so, i probably won't cross post to any comm so you should join/watch poetic_licenses if you're interested. ^^ this whole thing feels kind of disjointed and lame and i'm kind of embarrassed to post it. >.< my next minkey will be better! comments are love! <3

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high school!au


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