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[fic] the mechanics of kissing; key/everyone

the mechanics of kissing
key/everyone, ot5
romance, band!fic, PG-13
summary: Kibum could never be able to choose who he enjoys kissing more.

an: inspired by this post on tumblr. it made me want to write about shinee's unique kissing styles and of course i had to make key my whore for this experiment. i don't think he minds though. ;) to mad_nux, this_hyukjae , and panic18 don't worry! i didn't forget about your request. i'm just kind of on hiatus right now but i'll work on them as soon as possible! sorry for the wait!

 Jonghyun kisses just how he acts; cocky.

Sometimes he corners Kibum in the kitchen when it’s late at night and they’re the only two awake. Or sometimes it’s on the living room couch where Kibum’s sprawled and half awake or in the little narrow hallway by the bathroom door after he’s finished brushing his teeth. It didn’t matter where as long as he could get his hands on him without being interrupted by the others. And it’s always obvious by the look in his face what his intentions are. There’s this little unassuming smile on his face but the mischievous glint in his eyes speak volumes. And it’s as if he knows Kibum won’t resist and it kind of pisses him off because he knows he won’t either.

And as ironic as it sounds, Jonghyun isn’t as liberal with his tongue as one might believe he would be. His favorite thing to do is to glide his tongue along every seam of Kibum’s lips in the most agonizingly slow pace imaginable because he knows it drives Kibum crazy. He doesn’t do anything more than that until he has Kibum groaning in frustration and that’s when he finally dives in. And even then he still uses more lips than tongue and Kibum can practically feel the smirk on his lips after he moans. Jonghyun prefers to worship Kibum’s lips rather than ravish his mouth. It’s always slow, teasing licks or playful nips on the swell of his bottom lip.

The thing is Jonghyun knows he’s good and he doesn’t try to hide it. Just like his personality he’s cocky and playful but you can’t help but be drawn to him anyway.

Jinki kisses like he sings; with sincerity.

Sometimes he would stumble into the kitchen half awake and groggy and drape himself over Kibum’s shoulders as he’s making breakfast. Kibum would give him an annoyed look but never push him away because it’s impossible to resist a sleepy and affectionate Jinki. Kibum would sigh but let his hyung rest his head on his shoulder and wrap his arms around his waist and they’d just stay like that. Sometimes Kibum would need to move around the kitchen to get something from the cabinets or the refrigerator and Jinki would just stand back quietly, watching him with sleepy eyes until Kibum was still again to resume their previous position.

Usually it would start with a lazy kiss on the neck and Kibum would squirm away, ticklish, but Jinki would just tighten his hold around the younger boy’s waist and hold him there. It never really takes long for Kibum to stop resisting because Jinki’s chest is always so warm against his back and the hold around his waist is so comforting he can’t help but lean back into his arms. Jinki would eventually turn him around and press him against the kitchen counter and Kibum would smile before the older boy presses their lips together tenderly. Jinki kisses slow and deep and takes the time to explore every bit of Kibum’s mouth as if it’s never enough. And sometimes he even hums into their kiss because it wouldn’t be Jinki if there wasn’t some type of “Onew Condition.”

The thing about Jinki is that he kisses like he means it. He’s never been one to express his feelings verbally so when he kisses it’s like he’s pouring everything he want to say into the one kiss.

Minho treats kissing like he treats everything else in life; like a competition.

It’s like a game to them, really. Kibum never knows when Minho’s going to strike and that always makes things a bit more exciting. Usually he would attack when Kibum’s guard is completely down and sometimes he likes to tease Kibum into expecting it but never knowing when. He has no problem with pulling him away from the group and into a secluded area, or tackling him as he just gets out of bed. That’s just the way they play and Kibum actually enjoys it.

Minho’s favorite thing to do is sneak up on him in their shared bedroom while his back is turned and tackle him to the bed. They usually wrestle for a bit because Minho enjoys the fight and sometimes he let’s Kibum get the upper hand just to see the victorious smile on the face disappear when he flips them over and pins him to the bed. Kibum would frown and struggle and try to break free even though they both knew it was useless. Minho would grin and Kibum would sigh in resignation. But as soon at their lips would press together it’s another aggressive fight for dominance and they’d roll around the bed; all rough lips, tongue and teeth until they’re both panting and tired.

The thing about Minho is that he never knows what to expect. He’s aggressive and spontaneous and that always makes things exciting.

Taemin kisses like how he dances; like he’s a completely different person.

Taemin knows that when he dances he’s in his element and confident and exudes this type of sexual appeal you wouldn’t expect just by looking at his face. He knows what he does to people when he dances and he uses that to his advantage. It’s usually when they both stay behind at the dance studio for extra practice. When they’re both tired and pushed to their limits and lying sided by side on the cold wooden floor trying to catch their breaths.

Taemin would be the first to move (he always did have the most stamina) and he’d lean over Kibum with a small, playful grin. His face would be glistening and his sweat soaked bangs pinned messily to his head. Kibum would stare up at him for a long moment, still trying to catch his breath but Taemin didn’t care because he would lean down and presses their lips together anyway; knees on either side of Kibum’s waist and hands tangled in the older boys hair. Kibum would always be too tired to do more than just let the maknae have his way and he was fine with that. Taemin didn’t mind taking the lead. His kisses were always slow but sensual in a way you wouldn’t expect a boy his age could accomplish. Taemin just loves the slow glide of their lips together with hints of tongue here and there and no matter how sensual it felt, there was always a hint of innocence there too.

The thing about Taemin is that when he kisses, it’s like a dance-- like a slow waltz or a sensual salsa. And Taemin has always been very good at dancing.

Kibum would never be able to choose who he enjoys kissing more no matter how much they ask. And every time he tells them such it just makes them each want to try harder-- not that Kibum would ever complain. Besides, he’s always been a bit greedy anyway.


an: can you guess who my otp is? i hope not. xD well i ship everyone with key anyway. but i hope you enjoyed. it's the first thing i've written in a while that didn't make me want to punch a small child in the face. hopefully this means my muse is back and i can get back to requests! well, thanks for reading! be sure to comment. i'd love to know which one you liked best. *cough cough* comment whore *cough cough*

also be sure to watch/join poetic_licenses for future fics!

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Tags: fandom:shinee, length:one-shot, pairing:jonghyun/key, pairing:minho/key, pairing:onew/key, pairing:taemin/key
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