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Baby, you're the right kind of wrong.this is mrs_min_ai's escape from reality. (i.e writing comm) why yes she did finally make one three years and 40 something fanfictions later. do not judge her. poetic license means me distorting fact for my own artistic reasoning. buy hey, it's fanfiction.

this community will in fact contain adult concepts. meaning there will be sex (mostly of the same sex variety), alcohol and drug use (depending on the story) and violence (also depending on the story.) i mostly write for dbsk and shinee fandoms, and maybe a little super junior thrown in for flavor. i don't really have any specific otp's so i write pretty much any pairing that fits my story idea. though i do have my preferred pairings (yoosu, jaesu, jaemin, jongkey, onkey, minkey) but i write just about anyone. be sure to join/watch the comm for updates and special features only members can see!
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